New Silk Road e. V.: A Controversial Lobbying Association Influencing German-China Relations

2023-10-01 06:15:58 The result is an at least strange construct: an association expressly without a non-profit status, which is theoretically allowed to accumulate assets or make profits for its members. Later, on his website, he will openly pursue customer acquisition for his partner companies in the consulting industry by offering customers not only financial and … Read more

Turkey-EU Relations: Turkish President Erdogan Warns of Possible Distance from EU

2023-09-16 21:21:55 Istanbul (agencies) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced yesterday that Ankara could “distance” from the European Union if necessary, in response to a question about the content of a European Parliament report on Turkey.The report adopted last week said that the process of Turkey’s accession to the 27-member bloc cannot be resumed under … Read more

Tit-for-tat tariffs or waiver talks: Choices India have to navigate new EU regulations

2023-07-29 18:19:15 In April, the European Parliament adopted a unique law under which exporters of select products have to certify that their items sold in the European Union (EU) had not led to deforestation and forest degradation. Under the EU Deforestation Regulation, a slew of products, from coffee to wooden furniture, must not have come … Read more

Public Support for Existing Nuclear Power Plants: The Battle to Maintain and Extend

2023-07-19 18:10:41 By Solenn Paulic Posted 2 hours ago, Updated 37 minutes ago MEP François-Xavier Bellamy (LR) voted against the text, described as “ideological”. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro The Industry Committee votes on a text that makes public support for existing plants more complicated. The battle is not yet lost, but not very well underway. While … Read more

Ensuring Safety and Accountability: Independent Reviews for High-Risk AI Systems

2023-05-01 07:00:00 All high-risk artificial intelligence (AI) systems should be independently reviewed before launch. This is the only way to ensure that the applications meet the security requirements, explained Joachim Bühler, Managing Director of the TÜV Association, in his reaction to the joint position of the parliamentary groups in the European Parliament on the design … Read more

“EU Council President Charles Michel’s Private Jet Hypocrisy: The Shocking Costs and Climate Impact”

2023-04-23 21:17:38 The European Union (EU) has committed itself to the Green Deal and actually wants to protect the climate. But EU Council President Charles Michel (47) does not seem to take the whole thing seriously, squandering hundreds of thousands of euros on private jet flights in 2022! What climate hypocrisy! ► A list of … Read more