Nadine Al-Rassi surprises everyone: No one knows what is behind closed doors

After the tragedy that befell the Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi a few months ago, with the death of her brother, the late artist George Al-Rassi, today she is trying to restore her artistic activity, after stopping as a result of the shock that befell her, as it was not easy for her to absorb what … Read more

A doctor reveals the most vitamin that extends life and improves heart and nerve functions, and advises everyone to take it every week • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A dermatologist revealed, through the “Tik Tok” application, the most vitamin deficiency in the inhabitants of the earth, stressing that taking it is very beneficial for human health and that it prolongs life. The creator of the content on “Tik Tok”, called Dr. Youssef, said that vitamin D is beneficial for the health … Read more

Affordable..A nutritionist reveals 4 foods that can stop hair loss

Al-Marsad newspaper: A nutritionist has revealed 4 foods that can help stop annoying hair loss and promote its growth. Nutritionist Abbas Kinani said the foods are sweet potatoes, spinach, fatty fish and eggs. According to “Russia Today”. He pointed out that these foods naturally contain vitamin D, which helps hair growth and reduces hair loss … Read more

Cheap and accessible to everyone.. an expert reveals the No. 1 food to protect the kidneys

Al-Marsad newspaper: Eat This, Not That, a health and nutritional website, states that the kidneys work hard to remove waste and toxins from the body and maintain a balance of bodily fluids (such as blood and electrolyte levels). “To help you better maintain kidney health and prevent any further kidney deterioration, you can try incorporating … Read more

Five vitamins are important nutritional supplements for males that everyone should consider taking!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Express revealed the benefits of five vitamins that all men should consider taking. – Vitamin D) recommend NHS All adult men and women took 10 micrograms of vitamin D supplements daily between October and March. In general, vitamin D is essential for maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and teeth (regardless of your gender). It … Read more

“I’m up to the balls of all of us”

Manuel P. VillatoroFOLLOW, CONTINUE Updated:14/01/2022 08:30h Keep Related news The phrase is priceless. It has been used by deputies, journalists, writers and, in general, anyone who is jaded with the politics and society of our country. «Gentlemen, I’ll be frank with you, I’m up to the balls of all of us». Few more words are needed … Read more