Egyptian Ministry of Endowments and Israeli Ambassador Agree to Translate Noble Qur’an into Hebrew

2023-05-23 15:18:21 Al-Marsad newspaper: The Israeli ambassador to Egypt, Amira Oron, sent a letter to the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments to translate the entire interpretation of the Noble Qur’an into Hebrew. Oron said, according to the Israeli media: “I congratulate this valuable and blessed initiative. For the first time, we can read the interpretation … Read more

Health issues a new clarification regarding Kempesh’s death

2023-04-20 22:50:30 The ministry said in a statement, “Furthermore to the joint statement issued by the Ministries of Health and Interior regarding the death of Saad Kambesh, the Ministry of Health states that the preliminary forensic medicine report usually refers to the apparent examination of the initial observations, and then is followed by an autopsy … Read more

Lamar Jackson at the Baltimore Ravens: Possible Scenarios

The Baltimore Ravens have been in negotiations with their franchise quarterback Lamar Jackson for two years. However, these were unsuccessful, so Jackson announced his departure from the Ravens. How does it go from here? Who could pay Jackson? And why wouldn’t the Ravens do it? ran answers the open questions in the Lamar Jackson case. … Read more

Independence Day 2023: How Americans Celebrate July 4th

Independence Day Independence Day 2023 – this is how Americans celebrate the Fourth of July The American Independence Day is just around the corner – read here why Independence Day is celebrated so big in the USA and what you should bring to your American neighbor’s 4th of July party. 03/14/2023, 08:19 am The American … Read more

Do you know the Mandela effect? 10 examples of this phenomenon and why it happens | Society

In music, in movies, on television and in popular culture. In all these areas, the so-called Mandela effect can occur, a phenomenon that occurs when a group of people take for granted something that has never happened. This does not have a conclusive explanation, but it is thought that it happens because memory is formed, … Read more

The Municipality of Baghdad clarifies about a document circulated to recruit one of its employees by the integrity

The Commission stated in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “the document circulated in some media and social networking sites regarding the recruitment of one of its employees for investigation by the Integrity Commission is for the purpose of the investigation and to ensure the validity of the information received by an informant and … Read more