Export statement Oct./SEC-Association of Securities Exchanges. Discussion of controlling Short Sell/Prime Minister

2023-11-27 03:04:10 Today’s interesting issues Follow the announcement on Thailand’s international trade situation in October. 66 and the first 10 months of the year 66 (Jan. – Oct.) by Mr. Keerati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce which must be expected Thai exports this October Will it be able to expand continuously for … Read more

The food industry weathers the economic storm, repeating the results of the war in 2024, with export growth of 6.5%.

2023-11-25 22:21:00 The food industry is connected from the local level, namely farmers, who are producers, to the industrial level, which is the processor. and international trade level They are exporters, so if one sector is affected, other sectors will suffer as well. 3 economic organizations in the field of agribusiness and food Consisting of … Read more

Venezuela’s Growing Oil Exports to the United States: Key Facts and Figures

2023-11-04 22:12:11 According to a report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), Venezuela is among the 10 countries that sell the most oil to the United States, after the Export of Creole crude oil to the North American country will increase to 145 thousand barrels of oil per day (bpd) in August. According to the … Read more

onion: Centre imposes minimum export price of $800 per tonne on onions till December 31

2023-10-28 13:57:38 The Indian government on Saturday imposed a $800 per tonner minimum export price on onions being shipped from the subcontinent amid an increase in the cost of the root vegetable across the country. “Export of onions is ‘free’. Minimum Export Price (MEP) of US $800 F.O.B per Metric Ton (MT) is imposed till … Read more

rice export ban: After export ban, rice smuggling booms along Indo-Nepal border

2023-10-15 05:18:30 At the crack of dawn every day, hushed frantic activity begins in villages located along the India-Nepal border here as some residents set out on foot or in small vehicles to smuggle rice into the neighbouring country. Young unemployed men, women and sometimes even the elderly act as carriers for local smugglers and … Read more

The World of Trade: Exploring the Top Exported and Imported Products by Countries

2023-10-04 09:44:41 Countries including India export and import many products for their needs. Do you know which products countries export the most? India’s largest export is petroleum. Our neighboring countries Pakistan exports rice, China electronics, Bangladesh T-shirts and Maldives fish. Israel is the leading exporter of diamonds. Switzerland and South Africa are leading gold exporters. … Read more