Breaking the Taboos: Men’s Mental Health and Emotional Expression in Society

2023-07-04 09:46:54 “Tighten yourself, I want to keep leaning on you until the last day of my life. You are not tired, you are not allowed to tilt your shoulder, you are the only truth in my life”; The previous phrase that you may come across today, accompanied by videos on social media platforms about … Read more

“Occupational Causes of Cerebrovascular and Cardiac Diseases: Guidelines for Identifying Work-Related Risks”

2023-05-28 04:59:44 “Reference Guidelines for the Identification of Occupational Causes of Cerebrovascular and Cardiac Diseases” was compiled in 1991 and has been revised many times so far. Among them, the causative part of cerebrovascular and heart diseases, in addition to the original diseases or predisposing factors, the precipitating factors have been tested by medical research. … Read more

Rainie Yang danced and was laughed at with a ferocious expression “like stuck in the dark” and couldn’t bear it for the first time to fight back: You are laymen | Entertainment | CTWANT

2023-05-09 08:35:06 Rainie Yang often shares her dance results in the community. (Photo/Recap from Rainie Yang IG) Actress Rainie Yang was born in a dance class. She loves dancing and once announced that she would “seal dance”, but later regretted it. He often shares the results of dance practice on social platforms, and also participates … Read more

Five words to blow the nose with finesse

“Sourtock”, “cook”… Here are words that will not fail to scare away a painful interlocutor. do you know them? These are words in danger. Although republished each year in our dictionaries, they are hardly used in our everyday conversations. Too complicated? Perhaps, but they have the advantage of being more diplomatic than our usual bird … Read more

Is a Leo man true to a Libra woman? Can a Leo man really love a Libra woman?

Original title: Do Leo men really love Libra women? Many times, when you are with the person you like the most, you hope that you and the other person will treat each other the most sincerely, but the fact is that not everyone can talk about a sincere relationship. Some people are born with a … Read more