This is how the rating of La voz kids moved on their last night

The program came to an end and thus the rating of The voice Kids On your last night, was it expected? After a couple of months of a lot of music and tenderness, the channel’s reality show ended on Friday, September 17. AND As it had been seen, during this second week of September the … Read more

Lawyer planned her murder so her son could collect insurance

Lawyer planned his murder so that his son would collect insurance, but he survived. The crime was organized after his wife tragically passed away. It is the story of an influential American lawyer who planned his assassination. However, he ended up being charged with fraud by the insurance company. The case The case of an … Read more

Cristina Hurtado surprised with a photo of her past in which she looks completely different

In their networks, Cristina Hurtado He surprised with a photo of his past in which he looks completely different. The famous is one of the most talked about presenters in the country. During the last months she has given a lot to talk about due to the announcement of her pregnancy. The also influencer will … Read more

The presenter of Noticias Caracol who left without bathing the channel and for an interview

Surely you do not know this curious story about a presenter of Snail News that he went without bathing to the canal and for an interview. It’s about Érika Zapata, a correspondent from Medellín and who has stolen the show for his unique way of reporting. The country’s viewers love her and are always asking … Read more

A new earthquake strongly shook Haiti after the severe earthquake

A few days after the earthquake that already leaves more than 2,000 dead, a new earthquake strongly shook Haiti. According to the United States Geological Survey, it had a magnitude of 4.5 and occurred at 7:27 pm In addition, they indicated that the depth of the earthquake was shallow, 9 km NNE and the epicenter … Read more

this is how several were left when they saw the luxurious apartment of Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe in Miami

With their mouths open: this is how several were left after seeing the new acquisition of Paola Jara Y Jessi Uribe in United States. The singers have been the focus of the talk since rumors began regarding their relationship. In the beginning, he assured himself that everything had started with an infidelity, but the truth … Read more