BILD election check: AfD draws level with the Greens | politics

The AfD has climbed to its highest level since 2019. In the Sunday trend, which the opinion research institute INSA collects weekly for BILD am SONNTAG, the AfD comes to 16 percent this week. That is one percentage point more than in the previous week and six percentage points more than in the last federal … Read more

Annina Ucatis: Ex-porn star celebrates at the star chef | News

Berlin – Here you can enjoy your happiness! With fine white wine and sweet food, Annina Ucatis-Semmelhaack celebrated her 47th birthday on Thursday in the “Brasserie Colette Berlin” by star chef Tim Raue (48). Also present: partner and FDP politician Hagen Reinhold (44). On her Instagram profile she shared photos of the hours together. Ucatis … Read more

After the fuss about ex-porn actress: FDP politician gives up candidacy for judgeship

After fuss about ex-porn actress FDP politician gives up candidacy for judgeship 12/09/2022, 12:14 am At the beginning of October, the Brandenburg Liberals proposed Karoline Preisler from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as a candidate for the state constitutional court in Potsdam. Then a scandal draws the focus on the private life of the FDP politician – or … Read more

Sunday trend: Traffic light coalition without a majority one year after taking office

EIn the year after taking office, the traffic light government has clearly lost support among voters. In the Sunday trend of the opinion research institute INSA, the SPD, Greens and FDP together only come to 44 percent, according to a preliminary report by “Bild am Sonntag”. The Social Democrats lost the most clearly. They come … Read more

SPD is considering suspending the voluntary admission of migrants

Veulae Ieae uul elueO BV-Iletteu enO VOaeua Oll PuulpOlaleuleu elkokeu penlpeke lueueuoutlllhel peu Blneh ent lletleu. Puttle pep Ueup “vellelklu ulekl en eluel Oeupekeuvelplaeu Butlllh Oll Ptleh ent ple Bellnuappekltte” tlupeu nup Zlaleuleu “eluteek ueek Zulpeu pnlektelleu”, peuu Oeppe pel puaeueuule PutlpellllolpOeekeulpOnp Oll lletleu “enpaepelel” velpeu, peal pel Olalelluupoutlllpeke Poleekel pel PBB-Blehlluneel, Uelp Peplett VBUI. … Read more

“It can’t go on like this”: FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki threatens to stop traffic lights | politics

He’s had enough! FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki (70) has had enough of toad swallowing at the traffic lights – and of the ever-changing demands of red and green! Kubicki calculates in BILD: ► CROCKLE “The Greens and SPD are constantly coming up with new demands – that’s no longer possible. If that doesn’t change in … Read more