Open letter: experts call for a change of strategy – “we see broad immunity among the population”

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NATO accession of Sweden and Finland has consequences for Putin

Bundestag and Bundesrat have approved the accession of Sweden and Finland NATO approved last week, and Canada and Estonia have already ratified. Nevertheless, the two Nordic countries still have a long way to go before ratification is completed in all 30 member states. The Turkish President leaves no doubt that the governments in Stockholm and … Read more

The day of the war at a glance: Lavrov dupes foreign ministers – Kremlin wants to deliver more gas to Germany again

The day of the war at a glance Lavrov duped foreign minister – Kremlin wants to deliver more gas to Germany again 07/08/2022 10:01 p.m According to British information, Russia is currently taking a breather in the Donbass, but says it wants to continue conquering it completely. They also don’t want to give up southern … Read more

Ukraine News +++ Ukrainian Foreign Minister: “We are fed up with waiting for weapons from Germany” +++

DAccording to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine now has fundamental doubts as to whether Germany will continue to deliver weapons to Ukraine in any significant quantities, as promised. “I’m asking the West again at this point to send us all the 155mm caliber guns and multiple rocket launchers that they can,” Kuleba said in an … Read more

Why coffee capsules don’t belong in the bio bin and compost

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How many nurses and doctors are actually not vaccinated?

Ab In mid-March, vaccinations are compulsory for professions in the medical field. The law was passed two months ago by the Bundestag and Bundesrat to protect sick, old and disabled people from being infected with Covid-19. This week, the Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU chairman Markus Söder and the CDU chairman Friedrich Merz sharply attacked … Read more