What will he do with the millions that come in?

Between the initial agreement with Benfica and this new transfer to the Premier League, the Núñez club will receive more than 50 million euros thanks to the midfielder. The leadership already has its destiny defined. And at from Enzo Fernandez It is the most important sale in the history of Argentine football it is also … Read more

The order of Cristina Kirchner that leads Alberto Fernández to the abyss and the revenge of Lionel Messi

Jorge Capitanich and Gerardo Zamora were the most vehement. They had already been before entering the Casa Rosada, but now they were in front of Alberto Fernández. They didn’t go so far as to be disrespectful, but they didn’t go out of their way to be subtle either, as if the institutional roles had suddenly … Read more

Milei was first and Alberto Fernández, last

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE It is a study of Reale Dalla Torre Consultores. He evaluated 11 leaders of the ruling party and the opposition. He did not evaluate the classic image or the traditional voting intention. A new survey went through a distinct filter a 11 politicians with national projection scored -by them or by others- for … Read more

“Everyone talks about football, medicine and security, and most of them know nothing”

He responded for the failures in the custody of Cristina Kirchner on the day of the attack. Regarding José Luis Espert’s request for a “bullet” to stop the protests, he said that “assholes are everywhere.” The Minister of National Security, Hannibal Fernandezreferred again this Saturday to attack against Cristina Kirchner and answered the criticism that … Read more

minute-by-minute coverage of the investigation

This Monday afternoon, four friends of Brenda Uliarte, Fernando Sabag Montiel’s partner, declared. They presented themselves at a police station and were transferred to Comodoro Py where a testimonial statement was taken from them. Concluded the instance, the federal justice retained the four cell phones. Like the device of the 23-year-old girl arrested on Sunday … Read more

Premier League-N batter bombing without fruit Cristiano Ronaldo bench Manchester United 0-0 Southampton at halftime_Ball_Bruno_Fernandez

Original title: Premier League-N batter slammed to no avail, Ronaldo benched Manchester United 0-0 Southampton at halftime At 19:30 on August 27th, Beijing time, a focus battle of the fourth round of the 2022-2023 English Premier League started at the Santa Maria Stadium, with Manchester United challenging Southampton away. In the first half, the two … Read more