Jacinda Ardern: Why is New Zealand’s Prime Minister the most popular politician on the planet?

In his five and a half years at the helm of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has become one of the most popular rulers on the planet, thanks to a style of leadership empathetic and firm that has shone in some decisive moments of his tenure. However, the 42-year-old leader told a meeting of her party … Read more

Congress | Pedro Castillo | Aníbal Torres insists that Parliament rejected the question of trust: “It is in its resolution” | Constitutional Court | Present

former prime minister Hannibal Torres ruled on the statement issued by the president of the CongressJosé Williams, in which he pointed out that his cabinet’s confidence had not been denied, but only rejected outright. Given this, Torres Vásquez reaffirmed his position, asserting that the decision of the TC is not in their interest, because the … Read more