best investment according to your profile

Savers seek where to invest your extra pesosespecially on these dates in which the half bonus, although not everyone has the same degree of risk exposure to leave their money exposed. That is, there are certain alternatives according to the profile of each one of the people, who seek to beat inflation and protect themselves … Read more

Do not invest in FIXED TERM in December without knowing this information

Savers are paying attention to inflation, because the slight decrease that is estimated to have occurred in November can modify the “equation” to determine what the winning investment between the UVA fixed term and the traditional fixed term in December. El The last month of the year begins with an inflationary inertia that, according to … Read more

Common fixed term or UVA fixed term?: reveal which is appropriate

The traditional fixed term is once again attractive after the new official inflation data was released, which indicates that a 6.3% price increase was registered throughout October. That is, a percentage similar to the interest rate of a 30-day placement. Therefore, the challenge now is know if this situation will continue in the coming months, … Read more

time to leave the fixed term?

He woke up on price of dollar bluea fact that fueled fears among savers and ignited doubts as to whether or not the time had come to abandon the positions invested in time deposits and bonds in pesos to turn around and protect the surplus income in US currency. It is that the informal bill … Read more

what the Central Bank is considering doing

The Central Bank the yield of the traditional fixed term rose for the last time on September 15 lastafter the inflation data for August was known. This Friday the September price index of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses was published: it was 6.2%, lower than the previous month and lower than market expectations … Read more

Banco Santander fixed term, new rate: how much do you earn with $80,000

Traditional fixed terms offer a new interest rate for a few days. How much can be earned in 30 days by placing 80,000 pesos By Mariano Jaimovich 01/08/2022 – 19,17hs The rises in interest rates at the end of last month, generates that savers have a calculator in hand to know how much they can … Read more