América kids: what are the characters that were part of the youth series currently doing | reunion | America TV | Erika Villalobos | Maria Grazia Gamarra | Valeria Florez | Ximena Hoyos | entertainment

“America Kids” was broadcast on the América TV signal between 2007 and 2012. The children’s program, which replaced Maria Pía and Timoteo, represented the beginning … Read more

“He wants to steal the show with a plagiarized message”: ‘Peluchín’ Rodrigo Gonzáles attacks Luciana Fuster (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-Peru-Patricio Parodi-Flavia Laos-Austin Palao-EEG-This Is War-Marc Anthony | SHOWS

lash out at Lu. The TV presenter Rodrigo Gonzáles, popularly known as ‘Peluchín’, criticized that the reality girl Luciana Fuster make certain posts on the … Read more