The artist Ahlam flirts with her beauty.. I am an international artist (photo)

As usual, the Emirati artist flirted with Ahlam, with her look and appearance, and in her last video clip, she flirted with her beauty, especially her hair that appeared in one of the videos, and explained that this hairstyle must be written in her name, to preserve her ownership rights.. Ahlam asked any woman to … Read more

Generating AI will also take care of dating… Fluttering tool ‘Your Move’, etc.

(Photo = shutterstock) There are unavoidable steps in love. It is a step to get to know each other, explore, and like each other. In this process, commonly called ‘flirting’, people find it the most difficult because it may or may not develop into a lover. With the development of digital devices, this step is … Read more

“I have to divorce you, you are a liar” • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The well-known Snape appeared, as “Al-Brahim”, flirting with Saud Al-Qahtani during a live broadcast on “Tik Tok”. And “Al-Brahim” said: “I swear to God, you are sweeter than Tik Tok. I am shocked at you and my navigator. The navigator of Tik Tok and the photography is unjust, and it is a character. … Read more