Tips for Eating Bungeoppang in Moderation and Managing Weight

2023-11-03 16:43:53 If you eat without thinking, a bowl of rice loses a lot of calories. Entered 2023.11.02 09:10 Views 6,090 Entered 2023.11.02 09:10 Modified 2023.11.03 10:05 Views 6,090 Bungeobbang is an essential snack on cold days, but if you eat it one by one, it is easy to gain weight. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]As the weather got … Read more

Insightful Analysis of Consumer Trends in Belgian Supermarkets

2023-09-28 06:30:00 ************ **** ***** ******** ******** ** ******** ******** ******* ****** ********** ********* **** *** ******** ********* **** *** ****** *** ************* ** ******** ** ** ****************** ******** ** ******** *********** ***** ** ****** ******** ************ *** ** ************** ** * * ** *** ***** ** ******** ** ******** ******* ********** **** ************ *** … Read more

The Hidden Dangers of Excessive Flour Consumption: Expert Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

2023-09-09 15:18:16 Al-Marsad newspaper: A nutrition expert revealed in a video clip the harms of eating too much flour, and the necessity of reducing it in order to avoid developing health problems, including insulin resistance, blood pressure, and diabetes. She said in the video: If you are still eating flour or flour, I expect that … Read more

Among them are “flour and rice”.. Statistics reveal an increase in the prices of food commodities • Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-15 10:53:08 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Statistics Authority revealed an increase in the prices of local flour and rice in the local market during the month of July. The report on the average prices of goods and services issued by the authority stated that the local brown wheat flour (1 kg) recorded a price of 3.16 … Read more

Discover the Revolutionary Waterless Flour Baking Technique by Saudi Chef Rasmiya Saleh

2023-08-13 22:14:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Saudi chef Rasmiya Saleh revealed a way to bake flour without a drop of water. And she commented: “If someone had told me this above, I would not have believed it until I tried it myself.” And she said, during a video clip via TikTok, that the method consists in mixing … Read more

“How Colruyt Supermarkets are Limiting Purchases to Prevent Hoarding and Reselling During Coronavirus Crisis”

2023-04-17 09:40:00 In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, many Belgians have rushed into supermarkets to stock up on toilet paper, flour, sugar or even pasta. The empty shelves, the stores had to impose a purchase limit on their customer. Rebelote in this month of April 2023. Indeed, Colruyt customers are surprised to see a … Read more