Did Chhetri Cheat Blasters?; The referee gave a yellow card to Messi who scored that day!

Bengaluru ∙ ‘Sunil Chhetri cheated Kerala Blasters fans’ – This is the general sentiment shared by Kerala Blasters fans on social media after the controversial goal in the ISL play-off match at Srikanthirava Stadium in Bengaluru. A match that had progressed excitingly was plunged into controversy by Chhetri’s goal in extra time. It is also … Read more

Round 1 of V League 2023 Viettel and Hanoi FC hold each other faintly

The match between Hanoi FC and Viettel at Hang Day Stadium on the evening of February 5 was chosen as the opening match of the 2023 V-League. The 2022 season is considered to be a very successful year for Hanoi FC when they have a shot. 3 includes the V-League, the National Championship and the … Read more

Pain for Saudi even in victory; Goalkeeper’s knee hit his face, Shahrani seriously injured- Yasser Al Sahrani | Argentina vs Saudi

Lusail – Teammate Yasser Al Shahrani was seriously injured in a collision with Saudi Arabian goalkeeper Mohammad Al Uwais during the match against Argentina in the World Cup. In the second half of the match, Uwaisi’s knee hit Shahrani in the face while defending the ball that came inside the Saudi box. According to the … Read more

France – Australia Live- FIFA World Cup Live France Australia Match | Football

Doha – The current champions France defeated Australia in the first match of the World Cup. France won by four goals to one. Adrien Rabiat (27), Kylian Mbappe (68) and Olivier Giroud (32,71) netted for France. Australia conceded four goals after taking the lead through Craig Goodwin in the 9th minute. With a double goal, … Read more