Russian-North Korean Cooperation in Rocket Technology and Military Sphere: UN Sanctions and Prospects

2023-09-13 21:08:27 Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at the Vostochny cosmodrome. There, the Russian leader told reporters that the Koreans “show interest in rocket technology, they are trying to develop space,” and took part in a tour of the cosmodrome along with guests from the DPRK. After the negotiations … Read more

School Panic: Two Students Cause Chaos with Toy Weapons

2023-09-04 14:47:24 Two students sow panic in their school with a weapon: the police forced to intervene… it was actually a toy! Sudinfo.beTwo young people seen playing with weapons in a school in Saint-Trond: the police arrive 7sur7Flanders: the police intervene after the intrusion of individuals in a school with dummy weapons The eveningThe police … Read more

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2023-07-27 15:13:34 ******** ** ******* ** ******** **** *** **** ***** ******** ******* ** ******** ****** ******* ************** ********* ** ******* ** ** ******* ******** **** ********* ********** ** ********** ** *** ** ********* *** ******* ************* ** ******* ** ******** ****** ** ****** **** ************ *** ******* ** *********** * ********** ***** ************ ****** … Read more

Breaking News: Delta Airlines Boeing 717 Emergency Landing Caught on Video – Exclusive Translation

2023-06-29 02:00:27 translation exclusiveVideo: Delta Airlines Boeing 717 emergency landing without front wheels in North Carolina. The plane landed with nearly 100 passengers on board on Wednesday morning, showing people inside the plane before it finally crashed to the ground. Delta Flight 1092 took off from Atlanta at 7.25 am and was scheduled to land … Read more

“Forced to Abandon Her Dog: Prisca’s Heartbreaking Quest to See Erya One Last Time”

2023-05-26 17:00:00 Much more than a pet, Erya was for Prisca a friend who took her mind off things when she was tired of all the violence that flooded her home. If the Verviétoise was able to escape from this environment with her mother, they could not take their animals with her. A huge regret … Read more

bad news for VOO customers who had this subscription…

This is bad news if you are a customer and have a Zuny Internet subscription. The operator decided to remove the TV series included in this subscription, because they were not watched enough by customers. By May 1, 2023, series like “The Last of Us” and other HBO productions will disappear from the offer. Very … Read more