James Rodríguez is asked to retract what he said about Freddy Rincón

James Rodríguez arouses love and hatred in Colombia. He is a player who, with his recent decisions, has disappointed many who followed his career; however, there are others who still have his back and support him for any team he decides to go to, no matter the conditions. The midfielder from Cucuta has starred in … Read more

Freddy Rincón, dead, manifested himself to Hamilton Ricard on a television

The confession was made by Hámilton Ricard himself in ‘Final File’, a television program Snail Television in which they made a reconstruction of the life and last days of Freddy Rincón. Several friends of the ‘Colossus of Buenaventura’ spoke there, Well, many of the former soccer players with whom he shared in Colombia have great … Read more