After the full moon of the 12th lunar month, the 3 animals of the zodiac are blessed by heaven

Rooster year of the Rooster According to the 12 zodiac horoscopes, people born in the year of the Rooster usually have a strong, brave, dynamic and friendly personality. They always keep a low self-esteem, think very flexibly and carefully. Most of the people born in the year of the Rooster are very understanding and know … Read more

What are the major astronomical phenomena that will decorate the night sky in 2023?

Send SNS articles Send article to Facebook Send article to Twitter Send articles to Naver Band Send articles to Naver Blog Send articles to Pinterest Copy URL Send article to Find another share Quadrantid meteor shower (January 4, 2017) Source = Photographed by Jeon Young-beom, senior researcher at the Korea Astronomical Research Institute What astronomical … Read more

Revealing 10 stories about “Astronomy” worth watching in 2023

On December 28, 2022, Dr. Saran Posayachinda, DirectorNational Astronomical Research Institute and Dr. Wipoo Rujopakarn, Deputy Director of the National Astronomical Research Institute or Dr. jointly announced 10 stories “astronomy” worth following in 2023 via Facebook NARIT, National Astronomical Research Institute revealing important astronomical phenomena such as the closest full moon to the earth in … Read more

This is what the last full moon of the year looks like; Mars is observed next to the natural satellite

The full Moon is the manifestation of the completion of a cycle, which occurs thanks to the movement of translation of the moon. Luna around of the Tierraaccording to Dr. José Franco, from the Institute of Astronomy (IA) of the UNAM. The last of all lunar phases -he details- lasts an interval of 27.32 days. … Read more

Al-Dosari told “Al-Badr” .. Al-Ahly reached the first degree and now he is planning for victory .. The latter surprises him with a response!

Sports Al-Marsad: Sports journalist Dabbas Al-Dosari published a video clip of his colleague, “Khaled Al-Badr”. Al-Dosari wrote, through his official account on Twitter, at the top of the clip, “Al-Ahly reached the first degree, and now he is planning for victory.” Al-Badr surprised him by replying, saying, “You have the recipe, brother Dabbas. You are … Read more