Tragedy at Valensart Nursery: 1-Year-Old Girl Passes Away After Tragically Strangling Herself with Blind Cord

2023-05-23 03:55:00 Early Friday afternoon, a terrible tragedy occurred at the Valensart nursery located rue de la Charette, at Sart Tilman. A 1-year-old girl, Céleste, is said to have strangled herself with the cord of a blind. First transported to the CHU, the hospital closest to the nursery, she was then transferred to the Citadel … Read more

Red-haired Ed was accused of plagiarism “Win the 8-year lawsuit” but missed his grandmother’s funeral: can’t go back | Entertainment | CTWANT

2023-05-05 09:25:06 Ed Sheeran has been accused of plagiarizing classic American songs in the past, and now the verdict is out. (Picture / flip from Ed Sheeran Facebook) British pop singer Ed Sheeran released the song “Thinking Out Loud” (talking to himself) in 2014. He was accused of plagiarizing the classic American song “Let’s Get … Read more

Kirkorov barely came to say goodbye to Zaitsev – with sticks and a new lover

2023-05-04 09:12:45 Philip Kirkorov’s father, Bedros, came to say goodbye to his old friend Vyacheslav Zaitsev in the town of Schelkovo near Moscow. The 90-year-old artist was barely walking, he was helped by sticks and a new beloved Olesya. While there are few stars, we also saw Nadezhda Babkina and Sergey Zverev. The artists were … Read more

“Love Beyond Life: A Heartbreaking Story of Dave and Michelle’s Wedding and Tragic Loss”

2023-04-20 15:00:42 Dave and Michelle were a couple for almost 19 years. Suffering from breast cancer, she died 5 days after her wedding. The same week, Dave therefore had to organize the funeral of the one he had married a few days earlier. A terrible tragedy, which still allowed them to seal their union before … Read more

“Significant Amendments to the Funeral Program of Paul Furlan Set for Monday”

The authorities of the Commune announced on their Facebook page the schedule for the tribute to be given to an individual. The schedule included a moment of silence planned at 9 am, followed by an official and public ceremony at 10 am, and then a cremation at 1 pm. To give the municipal staff a … Read more

José Julián: Marie Claire reveals live why there was no funeral and that Maribel’s grandson knows nothing

Marie Claire Harp made a broadcast from Maribel Guardia’s house, where José Julián is being fired. José Manuel Figueroa’s partner told how Maribel is doing and why she decided to cremate her remains without having a funeral. Marie Claire also talked about Maribel’s grandson and what will happen to fire Julián. Marie Claire Harp, partner … Read more