3 new cell phones that are already over R$ 1,000 off

2023-05-27 17:15:00 When a new smartphone hits the market, it is normal for it to have a high price that, in most cases, does not please consumers. Fortunately, it is also common for these models to depreciate in a short time and become more interesting options, whether for performance, cameras or software support. Below, we … Read more

Galaxy S23 line will gain portrait mode with 2x zoom

2023-05-09 15:15:35 the line Galaxy S23 stands out for bringing cutting-edge hardware and competent cameras. However, after the arrival of models on the market, many users began to miss a portrait mode with a 2x zoom. Seeking to solve this “problem”, the Samsung confirmed that it will make the new feature available in the next … Read more

From iPhone 14 to S23: this app allows you to turn your Apple cell phone into a Galaxy | cell phones | Samsung | Mexico | Spain | United States | TECHNOLOGY

Samsung You don’t want to miss any opportunity in your competition with Apple. The South Korean manufacturer seeks to attract users of iPhone in a simple way, without —initially— having to acquire a cell phone of your brand. How is it possible? Samsung’s flagship device is the Galaxy S23, in its standard, plus and ultra … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Get a Galaxy S23 – Samsung Newsroom India

The Galaxy S23 highlights the essential elements for a premium mobile experience, as they are designed for different needs and lifestyles. Having a Galaxy S23 means having endless possibilities to complete tasks and enjoy moments of entertainment. Below, Samsung gives you the reasons why you should get a Galaxy S23: More advanced camera sensor With … Read more