Refreshing gaming ultra-light mouse, Glorious GLORIOUS FORGE MODEL O-Pink Edition: Dana and DPG defy my heart

Pink is a man’s color. Especially, if you are a real man like me, you are naturally attracted to the color pink. However, at some point, my wife started targeting my pink products. This time, I am aiming for my mouse, which I use well as a gaming gear. That mouse is the Glorious MODEL … Read more

OneXPlayer Mini: Introduced affordable variant of the gaming handheld

All in all, it is commendable that the manufacturer also includes a cheap alternative in its portfolio, since the other devices in the line-up often cost over 1000 euros. At the same time, however, it is very questionable which customers the company wants to address here, since only rudimentary games can really be run on … Read more

Mad Catz Pilot 5 (PILOT 5) Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset Experience: Dana and DPG Defy My Mind

Using the Mad Catz Pilot 5 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset The brand I will introduce this time is MadCatz, which is steadily gaining popularity from gamers. Mad Catz is a brand that is leading the innovation of gaming hardware by introducing gaming gear with solid basics and intense design, with performance and functions optimized for … Read more

AOC: Fast 27-inch gaming monitors Agon AG275QZ/EU and AG275QZN/EU with up to 270 Hz and 0.5 ms

The brand new Agon gaming monitors AG275QZ/EU and AG275QZN/EU present themselves in a fresh, slim look with a 3-sided borderless design for multi-monitor setups. The two Agon displays can be ergonomically adjusted in height, pivoted, tilted and pivoted. The integrated cable routing opening in the base and the built-in power supply ensure a tidy desktop. … Read more