CO Poisoning: Prevention, Symptoms, and Emergency Response

2023-12-07 10:27:22 Beware of CO: the “silent killer”! Each year, the number of CO victims increases in October, reaching a peak during the winter. There are nearly a thousand people poisoned with CO every year and deaths are reported each time. of videos CO, the “silent killer” CO or carbon monoxide is a toxic gas … Read more

Pharmacy du XII in Marcinelle: A Witness to Overwhelming Demand and Patient Influx

2023-11-13 18:00:00 “Since I moved here, on rue Eugène Mascaux, in Marcinelle, I have never experienced such a crowd on an on-call day,” assures pharmacist Carolo. And that goes back to the year 2000! ****** ********* ****** ** ********** ** ****** ** ********* *** ********* ** ********* ** **** ****** *********** ******************** ********** ******************** ******************* … Read more

Stay Safe on the Roads: Walloon Road Safety Agency’s Warning on Time Change and Visibility

2023-10-31 07:25:01 The Walloon Road Safety Agency warns against the time change on Saturday. The risk of an accident increases for pedestrians if they do not wear suitable clothing. The work will be completely finished. – Photo News By Yannick Hallet Journalist in the General Editorial Staff Published on 10/26/2023 at 06:30 Modified on 10/26/2023 … Read more

Investigation Reveals Detained Family Members and Suspects in Recent Incident with Videos

2023-10-14 09:07:29 Among those in custody are several members of the attacker’s family: his sister, his mother, his uncle and two of his brothers, one of whom was taken from the cell where he is being held for “criminal conspiracy.” terrorists”. Two Belarusians “with whom the attacker was during his police check the day before … Read more

Weather Forecast: Rain, Clouds & Cold Fronts – Weekend and Week Ahead Updates

2023-10-12 18:00:00 The sky will be divided between sometimes beautiful clearings over the south-eastern half and lots of clouds giving some rain in the afternoon over the north-western half of the country. This very rainy cold front will activate in the evening and during the night with precipitation in all regions of between 10 and … Read more

Find Pierre Pelseneer: A Comprehensive Coverage of the Search Efforts by Volunteers, Police, and Relatives

2023-10-07 18:33:45 50 volunteers took part in the hunt organized to find Pierre Pelseneer, from Quaregnon, missing for 3 months Sudinfo.bePierre Pelseneer, missing since July 6, on the paths of Ravel, actively sought by his relatives, walkers and the Boraine police lavenir.netThanks to the hunt organized to find Pierre Pelseneer, who disappeared in Quaregnon, the … Read more