ORGANIC AUSTRIA: Organic continues to defy inflation – total sales in Austria have increased again

2023-09-19 14:26:27 In 2022, organic food was sold for almost 2.7 billion euros; Organic share in retail remains stable in 2023 despite increased cost of living Vienna (OTS) – On September 19th, AMA Marketing presented the current figures for the organic market in Austria. The evaluation of the overall organic market in 2022 (food retail, … Read more

FPÖ – Wurm: Government continues to do nothing about enormous food prices | Freedom Parliamentary Club

2023-09-16 13:15:12 Online price comparison portals are discriminatory – FPÖ calls for a reduction or elimination of VAT on basic foodstuffs and hygiene products Vienna (OTS) – In a recent interview, ÖVP Economics Minister Kocher announced a draft law to combat high food prices. The liberal consumer spokesman NAbg. Peter Wurm today renewed the call … Read more

Grocery retailers warn of immature price reporting requirement model

2023-09-15 17:15:04 WKÖ trade association chairman Prauchner still sees numerous legal and technical questions Vienna (OTS) – Retailers are reacting with a wait-and-see approach to Federal Minister Kocher’s recent announcements regarding a possible price reporting requirement for the food trade. “The plan to introduce a draft law within a few weeks seems challenging given the … Read more

The Link Between Processed Foods and Mental Health: A Groundbreaking Study Reveals the Disturbing Connection

2023-09-03 10:52:22 It is well known that processed foods pose health risks. A study also suggests that ready meals also have an impact on mental health. Sweets, breakfast cereals, frozen products: Processed foods pose a high health risk, for example for cancer or diabetes. Mental health can also suffer. This is the result of a … Read more

Greenpeace demonstrates crisis security through organic farming

2023-08-17 04:00:36 Organic cultivation must be strengthened in times of crisis – Greenpeace calls for the abolition of VAT on plant-based organic food Vienna (OTS) – Greenpeace draws attention to the advantages of organic food production, which is becoming more and more indispensable, especially in times of multiple crises. To this end, the environmental protection … Read more

Complete Guide to Getting Enough Vitamin B12 through Food

2023-07-22 00:37:03 Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal foods. What should you eat to cover the daily requirement through food? Here is an overview. Vitamin B12 is hardly or not at all contained in plant foods, but the content in beef liver is unbeatable: 100 grams contain 65 micrograms of vitamin B12, 16 times … Read more