Will the expansion of the local epidemic worry about hidden infections?The latest poll unexpectedly-Life-China Times News

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today (11) that there were 7 new local confirmed cases in China, and 6 of them were cases of unknown source of infection found in the community. The portal “Yahoo Qimo” conducted an online poll on topics such as “Do you worry about hidden infections in the local epidemic?” … Read more

Chenggong Guozhuang reported that a confirmed pilot had stayed in and the residents approved not to announce, causing panic-Life-Zhongshi

It was reported that there was a confirmed China Airlines pilot in the 13th building of the Chenggong National Mansion, and the local chief and residents were notified temporarily before they knew that there was a confirmed case. This caused dissatisfaction among the residents. They did not understand the relevant situation at all and could … Read more