Angham’s doctor reveals the developments in her health condition and the fact that she has cancer • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Akram El-Adawy, the physician treating the Egyptian artist Angham, revealed the details of her health condition. He said, during a phone call to the program “One Last Word” on the “ONE” satellite channel, that Angham had violent bleeding that caused her to suffer from anemia, severe exhaustion, and a low level of … Read more

“I was subjected to severe bleeding.” The doctor, Angham, reveals the latest developments in her illness and the reason for her transfer to the hospital

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian doctor, Wael Ghafir, who is responsible for following up the condition of the artist Angham, revealed the details of the sudden health ailment that afflicted the Egyptian singer, and the developments of her health condition. “Ghafir” said, during a telephone conversation with the Egyptian journalist Rami Radwan, that Angham suffered at … Read more

A Lebanese actress was infected with a strange germ. Here are the details of her health condition

Actress Carla Boutros narrated the details of her infection with a strange germ. In the details, Boutros was infected with a “strange and wondrous” germ, as she put it, noting that the doctors told her that they had not seen anything like it for 20 years. She likened the symptoms of her infection with this … Read more

The artist “Sherine” breaks her silence and reveals her health condition after entering the hospital for addiction treatment • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites circulated an audio recording attributed to the Egyptian artist Sherine Abdel Wahab, asking someone for help to help her get out of the hospital. And she said during the audio recording: “Good evening, Professor Yasser, please do anything to get me out of the hospital, because they … Read more

Watch.. Kuwaiti actress Farah Al-Hadi reveals the details of her serious skin disease… and the developments of her health condition

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti actress Farah Al-Hadi revealed the details of her serious skin disease. She indicated that she was suffering from a syndrome called cortisone addiction withdrawal symptoms, which she developed as a result of being treated with it for a long time. And she said during a video clip shown by the “My Lady” … Read more

She lives on tranquilizers and medicines.. Ibn Nadine Al-Rassi reveals her health condition

After the death of the artist, George Al-Rassi, in a horrific traffic accident on the factory road, his sister Nadine disappeared from view, so that she is not present much on the social media and only appears to express her sadness and longing for her beloved. And since Nadine does not answer calls herself, “The … Read more