40 Years of German AIDS Aid: Achievements and Challenges in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

2023-09-23 05:27:14 40 years ago, a group of people realized: AIDS is getting really bad. They launched the German Aids Aid organization in Berlin. What has been achieved to date – and what has not. It started with a new telephone in his office kitchen in Berlin that would hardly stop ringing. On the other … Read more

Affordable Access to HIV Medication: Breaking Barriers and Saving Lives

2023-09-20 18:47:55 He Medicine and innovation advisor of Doctors Without Borders, Francisco Viegas, spoke about the decision to subject medicines for the treatment of HIV to patents to compulsory license, the retroviral dolutegravir. In dialogue with RCN Radiothe expert noted that “it is important for patients who are undergoing HIV treatment, The main barrier for … Read more

Understanding the 3 Abnormalities and AIDS Signs: Don’t Mistake them for Skin Disease

2023-09-08 04:00:00 3abnormalorAIDSsignal, don’t mistake it forskinsick. (Image source: Adobe Stock) It is forbidden for Chinese websites to create mirror websites. Mr. Liu, who is in his early 40s this year, works in a real estate sales company. Some time ago, he found dense erythema on his body, which was red and itchy. At first, … Read more

Monkey Smallpox Outbreak: Rising Cases and Risk Factors in Thailand

2023-09-03 20:29:39 “Monkey smallpox” in one month rose to 145 cases, including 316 Thai patients, the youngest being a 16-year-old male student, with a history of risking many sex partners. Today (September 3, 2023), Dr. Tares Krassanirawiwong The Director-General of the Department of Disease Control said that the latest situation of smallpox or smallpox in … Read more

Sport and HIV: Maintaining Health and Quality of Life

2023-09-01 03:14:13 When we think of sport, we usually associate it with exertion, sweat and the striving for muscles. But this is only a small aspect, because sport has many positive properties beyond body optimization. Regular exercise has been proven to protect us from diseases of affluence such as back pain, type 2 diabetes, obesity … Read more

Smallpox in Thailand: Rising Cases, HIV Co-Infections, and the Urgent Need for Treatment

2023-08-26 09:16:00 Keypoints: situationsmallpox apeThat has increased from about 1 year ago, there were more than 20 patients, but during June-July 2023 met hundreds of patients and co-infected with HIV, althoughsmallpox apeIt can be treated according to the symptoms and can be cured by itself. But the relationship that doesn’t know me, doesn’t know you … Read more