Grain company top killed in southern Ukraine, Russian military shelling = local authorities | Reuters

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Biden fails to commit to security and increased oil production attends Arab summit | Reuters

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Focus: “I don’t want to fight in Ukraine”, a Russian youth who avoids drafting | Reuters

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Apple introduces “lockdown mode” this fall as a countermeasure against spyware | Reuters

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Angle: U.S. Supreme Court decision not recognizing abortion rights, driven by Mr. Trump | Reuters

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Angle: “No job or place to live” Migrant workers wandering in the Shanghai blockade | Reuters

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UN Secretary-General enters Turkey on 25th, refraining from visiting Russia and Ukraine | Reuters

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Ingres: Mariupol’s citizens deported to Russia crave to return | Reuters

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Florida Senate Passes Disney “Autonomy” Deprivation Bill Retribution for LGBT Education Law Opposition | Reuters

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5.03 million evacuation from Ukraine, mostly from Poland to EU = UN | Reuters

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