Thai Police Arrest Six Mainland Beggars Suspected of Human Trafficking in Thailand

2023-11-28 08:28:24 Six mainland beggars were arrested by the police in Thailand on the 22nd of this month. (Picture/reproduced from Chengshi Interactive) Six mainland beggars were arrested by the police in Thailand on the 22nd of this month. They were suspected to be victims of international human trafficking. The Thai police investigated the matter at … Read more

Uncovering Human Trafficking in West Virginia: A Three-Part Series

2023-11-28 15:41:02 Editor’s Note: There is no explicit language in this reporting, but some of the topics may be difficult for some. This story is the first in a three-part series. The second story will cover law enforcement and prosecution. In the final story, we’ll hear more from a survivor about her experiences. Many of … Read more

They arrested journalist Ezequiel Guazzora, a fugitive for pedophilia

2023-10-21 11:33:49 In the Saturday morning, The Human Trafficking Division of the Federal Police arrested Ezequiel Guazzorawho spent more than 70 days on the run for the crimes of sexual abuse with carnal access and corruption of minors, with an arrest issued on August 15 and a reward of $4 million for whoever turned him … Read more

110 years ago, Argentina enacted the first law in the world against child prostitution

2023-09-23 03:11:00 2023 – SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND TRAFFICKING. Every September 23, the International Day against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Persons is celebrated, established in 1999 at the World Conference of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking, in coordination with the Women’s Conference, which took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The date is celebrated on this date … Read more

The Sound of Freedom: Uncovering the Truth Behind Child Trafficking – Watch Online on Angel Studios

2023-08-31 01:26:08 ‘Sound of Freedom’ will premiere online on the Angel Studios website. Photo: composition LR/Angel Studios | Angel Studios ‘Sound of Freedom’, a film based on true events, premiered on July 4, 2023 in USA. After his great success, more countries have been incorporating Tim Ballard’s story on the billboards of cinemas. This is … Read more

A Tucuman convicted of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Río Tercero returned to prison

2023-08-16 13:59:58 Cristina Fecha (62), born in Tucumán, was sentenced in 2020 by the Federal Justice of Córdoba to eight years in prison as the author of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, aggravated by having been perpetrated by means of deceit, threats, abuse of the situation of vulnerability and by having been … Read more