Latifa Al-Tunisia and Tariq Al-Ali in a joke and flirt on the air..and the latter kisses her head • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip showed the Kuwaiti artist Tariq Al-Ali with the Tunisian artist Latifa, as they laughed and interacted with each other. During the video, “Latifa” expressed her great admiration for “Al-Ali” and his works, saying: “I love him, die in him, and love his deeds.” The artist also sent a message of … Read more

Hitler explodes before record abstentions

In a parody of elections this Sunday in Cuba, the independent graphic humor publication Mattress recreated a scene from the iconic film Collapsewhere Hitler reacts to the results of the elections and explodes with rage upon learning of the record abstentions. “The enemy set up another media campaign. He again he asked people not to … Read more