Yarmouk Hospital Closure: Shocking Video Prompts Ministry of Health’s Decision

2023-07-12 13:17:01 Syrian media reported that the Ministry of Health issued a decision to close the Yarmouk Hospital for red wax, which is located in Daraa Governorate, after a video was circulated from inside the hospital’s incubator, in which a female worker used the hospital’s beds to dry mallow, despite the presence of newborn babies … Read more

In a swimsuit.. The famous Syrian actress appears as a professional athlete. Watch what she did (video)

2023-06-27 07:35:15 Actress Dima Kandalaft posted a video on her Instagram account. And Dima appeared in a swimsuit inside an Olympic pool, while she was practicing her favorite sport. Dima drew attention as she put a bottle of water on her head while swimming. It is known that Dima is a good swimmer and has … Read more

Nadine Al-Rassi in the streets of Batroun.. Monday, she started a diet, and this is what she did (photos)

2023-06-15 19:31:34 Actress Nadine Al-Rassi published a set of photos and videos during her visit to Batroun. Al-Rassi expressed her happiness at being in the area, and published a video clip while she was eating sandwiches in a store and saying, “Monday will start the diet.” It is noteworthy that Nadine suffered from very big … Read more

“Plastic Surgeon Sentenced to 11 Years for Botox Smuggling: Latest News and Updates”

2023-05-19 15:50:55 The Criminal Chamber specialized in financial corruption cases at the Court of First Instance in Tunis sentenced a plastic surgeon to 11 years in prison after convicting her of smuggling quantities of corrupt “Botox” from Turkey to promote it in Tunisia. The Criminal Chamber also ruled a four-year prison term against five other … Read more

“Al-Jaber Towers in Qatar Lit Up with Turkish Flag for Presidential Elections – Latest News and Pictures”

2023-05-16 10:39:44 Tell me – Al-Jaber Towers in the “Lusail” area of ​​the Qatari capital, Doha, were lit up with the Turkish flag and a picture of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to celebrate the preliminary results of the presidential elections. None of the four candidates: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Sinan Ogan, and Muharram Ince, … Read more

What this newspaper did was the reason for my wife’s miscarriage • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Prince Harry said that he suspects that his wife Megan Markle’s miscarriage in 2020 was caused by the British tabloid newspaper, “The Mail on Sunday.” In the sixth and final documentary episode broadcast by “Netflix”, Harry pointed out that the pressure of Megan’s lawsuit against this newspaper may have caused her abortion. It … Read more