Guilty Flavors: Recycled Plastic Ice Cream – A Sustainable and Delicious Innovation

2023-09-29 23:55:22 A British research team used ingredients extracted from discarded plastic materials to create an ice cream that can be eaten by humans. (Schematic diagram, not related to this article/Pexels) British designer Eleonora Ortolani, concerned about the increasing amount of plastic waste recently, collaborated with experts and chefs to use extracted ingredients to create … Read more

Shocking Incident: Woman Hits Daughter with Bench Over Ice Cream Stain – Exclusive Video Footage!

2023-09-17 01:43:20 Because her clothes were stained by her daughter’s ice cream, the woman hit her daughter with a bench. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) An exaggerated incident recently occurred in a store in Changsha, Hunan, China, where a mother hit her daughter with a bench in public. Because the mother’s behavior was so exaggerated, people on … Read more

Discover the Newly Reopened Chalet du Lac in Verviers: Indulge in Ice Creams, Cocktails, Local Beers, and More!

2023-08-15 17:09:23 It has been several months since Gelati Jo, the Verviers glacier, took over the Chalet du Lac, route du Bois de Jalhay in Verviers. After many works, it was inaugurated on Tuesday 15. ** ********** ********* ** ***** ********* ********** **** ******** ** ************ ************ **** ********* ****** ** ************ *** ** **** … Read more

Kaohsiung Ice Cream Store Scandal: Health Risks, Suspended Business, and Fines

2023-07-17 15:48:45 Kaohsiung ice cream store killed 23 people with food poisoning, was ordered to suspend business and fined 300,000 yuan Chinatimes.com11 people found salmonella in the Gaoshi ice shop, and the Health Bureau asked them to suspend business Yahoo Kimo NewsEating ice until I was in the intensive care unit! Famous store ate Babao … Read more

“Unscrupulous Couple Caught Licking Ice Cream in US Supermarket: A Disgusting Video Goes Viral”

2023-05-11 04:22:29 There is a pair of unscrupulous men and women in the United States who secretly opened the refrigerator in the store to take out ice cream, opened the lid and licked it without buying it, and their behavior was quite disgusting. (Picture/Twitter) Wicked people know no borders. Following Japan’s high school fart kid … Read more

“Can Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Help Relieve Tonsillitis? Benefits and Facts”

2023-05-04 10:50:00 Tonsillitis That comes with the belief that when there isillnessand should refrain from cold food or desserts and drink warm or room-temperature water to help the swelling subside. But in reality, eating “ice cream” or cold drinks that canreduce inflammationCan go down, but on the other hand, warm water is the one that … Read more