For the first time, researchers decipher the origin – healing practice

Fever arises in the brain Fever can be a symptom of many diseases. While the purpose of fever and treatments against it are well known, it has remained unclear how increase in body temperature is triggered and controlled. A Swedish research team has now been able to solve this decades-old mystery. researchers of Linköping University … Read more

9 Super Foods to Boost Immunity Food nearby, easy to buy

according to Ministry of Health announced that From October 1, 2022 onwards, canceled Covid-19 from being a “dangerous communicable disease”, reducing the level of epidemic and severity to being designated as Communicable diseases to watch out for According to the Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558 means now COVID-19 It is classified as a communicable disease … Read more

Reduce fever quickly with these simple methods – Heilpraxis

Reduce fever: These measures can help Fever is a normal reaction of the body to infections such as the flu. The elevated body temperature helps that immune system better able to fight pathogens. But fever usually also makes us feel terrible. Some simple methods can help reduce the high temperature reduce. Lots of people join … Read more

Find out which foods are rich in fatty acids to boost your immune system

To stay healthy, it is important to maintain a high-functioning immune system to protect against infections, bacteria, and viruses. Getting enough rest each night and reducing stress levels are essential to immune health, but most important is meeting all of your nutritional requirements. Recent studies have shown that Fatty acids Essential oils play a huge … Read more

Can Influenza Cause a Heart Attack? – healing practice

Increased risk of heart attack from flu infection? During the past waves of influenza, it was repeatedly found in various hospitals that the number of people infected with a Heart attack were admitted has increased. But it really can Influenza infection the Risk increase for a myocardial infarction? Apparently yes: For example, one in the … Read more

You can’t believe its benefits.. Banana reduces your chance of getting the flu and strengthens your immunity

the banana It is the most popular fruit. It is delicious, inexpensive, and can provide an amazing amount of support for your immune system, keeping you healthy in the long run.eatthis“. Reduce the incidence of influenza Want to get through the upcoming flu season safely? Try adding some bananas to your routine now, according to … Read more