Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Bowel Cancer Risk: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Options

2023-04-20 02:04:37 Inflammatory bowel disease, nongastroenteritis, repeated diarrhea also increases the risk of bowel cancer Wanting to run to the toilet at every turn, frequent diarrhea, and even sitting on the toilet before sitting in a chair when entering the office or school. road disease”. Lin Jingbin, director of the Liver Disease Prevention and Control … Read more

41% of young people do crafts to improve their mental health

Las textile crafts improve emotional well-being and, in Spain, up to 41% of young people turn to creative hobbies or Do It Yourself (DIY)according to recent market analysis. Specifically, activities such as crochet, knitting or macramé are the ones that contribute the most to this physical and mental well-being, as recognized by the Spanish multinational … Read more

69,000 euros to recover and improve the mountain trails of Navarra

The Government of Navarra, through the Navarro Sports Institute (IND), has contributed during this year 69.000 euros for work of maintenance, recovery, marking, homologation, and improvement of mountain trails of the Foral Community, the so-called GRs (Great Tour) and the GRTs (Great Cross-Border Tour). The IND and the Navarra Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing … Read more

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Improving household balance sheets to promote the normal circulation of finance and real estate

Share to WeChat Open WeChat, click “Discovery” at the bottom,Use “scan” to share the webpage to Moments. China Business News 2022-12-28 10:43:43 Editor in charge: Zhu Mengyun Recently, Guo Shuqing, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, presided over a meeting of the Party Committee (enlarged) to … Read more

The “technological effervescence” of health apps: the great potential of these tools to encourage patient-centered medicine

The information that appears on the website is addressed exclusively to health professionals authorized to prescribe or dispense medicines in Spain, therefore specialized training is required for its correct interpretation. The products mentioned on this website may have a different authorized data sheet in other countries. The information provided on the website does not replace … Read more

META QUEST 2: Update V44 improves video recording, parental controls and app locking

The latest update v44 of the Meta Quest adds a series of options on video recording, parental controls and application locking. On the side of recording and mirroring improvements, options can be enabled by going to experimental settings. Just click on “advanced camera settings”. A new window opens and options appear to choose the degree … Read more