Bethesda’s New Game ‘Starfield’ Exclusively on Xbox: Director Todd Howard Talks Advantages of Console Exclusivity

2023-09-07 08:30:03 Bethesda’s new work “Starfield” has finally been released, but director Todd Howard said that the Xbox platform exclusive “created a better product”. The console is an Xbox exclusive Since “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”, the console version has been released on both PlayStation and Xbox (“TES III: Morrowind” is an Xbox exclusive) Bethesda … Read more

Starfield: The Art of Role-Playing Without a Voice – Bethesda’s Magnificent World Unleashed

2023-08-30 09:30:04 Bethesda’s new work “Starfield” is finally about to be released, but it turned out that there was a possibility that the main character would have a voice during the development stage. Could it have been Fallout 4 style? This was revealed in an interview with overseas media Polygon, where Starfield’s lead designer, Emil … Read more

Linux Outperforms macOS on Steam: Findings on Official Steam Website

2023-08-04 04:00:04 It has been confirmed that Linux outperforms macOS in OS usage data on the major PC game distribution platform “Steam”. Exceeds macOS! This information can be found on the hardware research page available on the official Steam website. According to data as of July 2023, the overall OS usage rate is 96.21% for … Read more

Federal Ministry of Economics Rejects State Funds for Nexperia in Hamburg Due to Chinese Connections: The Nexperia Case and Germany’s China Policy

2023-06-09 11:57:00 Berlin The Federal Ministry of Economics of Robert Habeck (Greens) does not support the chip manufacturer Nexperia with its plant in Hamburg with state funds as originally planned. The ministry announced on Tuesday that the EU Commission had approved funding for 31 chip projects in Germany. In December 2021, the ministry had submitted … Read more

“Project Q: The Ultimate Portable Gaming Device Announced by PlayStation Showcase 2023”

2023-05-25 11:00:04 Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the official broadcast “PlayStation Showcase 2023”, the new portable gaming device “Project Q” was announced. The release is scheduled for 2023. By using this device, you can play any PS5 game by streaming over Wifi. The main body is an 8-inch HD screen, and it will be the same … Read more

“Bidenomics: The Impact on Global Economy and Trade Relations”

2023-05-05 07:30:00 Bidenomics The Biden program is putting pressure on other economic powerhouses. Joe Biden’s strategy is working: A few months after billion-dollar subsidy programs were approved, massive investments are flowing into the USA. The US President wants to push back China’s influence and secure his re-election. The allies in Europe, who are threatened with … Read more