“Murder and concealment of a corpse: Latest Updates on the North France Case”

2023-05-10 10:14:31 The mother of one and her companion are among the five people indicted in this case and have been imprisoned, the Béthune prosecution announced in a press release on Wednesday. At the end of their police custody, both were indicted on counts of “murder and concealment of a corpse” and placed in pre-trial … Read more

“Tragic Shooting of Infant in Abi Samra: The Full Story and Updates”

2023-05-09 19:13:15 The infant “p.a.” passed away. (6 months) after being shot by a gunshot wound inside his family’s house in Abi Samra – Tripoli, according to what was reported by the representative of “Lebanon 24” in the North. According to the information, the child was injured along with his older brother, “W.A.” (12 years … Read more

“Prevent Cervical Cancer with Vaccination: Expert Insights on Types, Effectiveness, and More”

2023-05-05 09:24:00 Cervical cancer is the only preventable cancer among carcinomas. The method is simple. Getting vaccinated against cervical cancer. I learned more about cervical cancer vaccination with a Haidak expert. Cervical cancer is a cancer that can be prevented with a vaccineㅣSource: Clip Art KoreaQ. What is the cause of cervical cancer?The main cause … Read more

“Ministry of the Interior Implements Death Sentence for Perpetrator in Taif Governorate: Alarming News on Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-05-04 16:02:21 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today, the Ministry of the Interior issued a statement regarding the implementation of a death sentence by discretionary punishment for one of the perpetrators in Taif Governorate, Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region, as follows: God Almighty said: (The recompense of those who wage war against God and His Messenger and strive to spread … Read more

My child suffering from constipation, what is the effective solution?

No matter how much you care, a child will grow up with big and small illnesses. Among them, constipation is a common but difficult disease to treat easily. It is easy for infants who have just turned 10 to suffer from constipation, but it takes a long time to treat. If you are constipated, you … Read more

ANSES warns against vitamin D overdose in infants

All infants receive a vitamin D prescription at the maternity ward from birth. If this drug is essential for the growth of their bones, care must be taken to give the right dose. Several cases of overdose have been reported with serious consequences. Vitamin D supplementation of young children is necessary for bone growth. It … Read more