Korea’s first uterine transplant attempted… Success stories are rare in the world : Dong-A Science

Medical staff at Samsung Seoul Hospital… Success must be confirmed until childbirth Courtesy of Getty Image Bank It has been confirmed that a uterine transplant, which has few cases in the world, was attempted for the first time in Korea. This is the first time that a uterine transplant has been performed in a domestic … Read more

A woman underwent surgery in a hospital in Khobar because she had been suffering from infertility for 6 years..After two weeks had passed, the surprise was!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A medical team specialized in infertility treatment and assisted reproduction at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital in Al-Khobar managed to realize the dream of a 30-year-old woman getting pregnant, after 6 years of infertility. For his part, Dr. Ahmed Shayeb, a consultant infertility treatment and assisted reproduction and head of the medical team … Read more

Study: impacts of pollutants on male fertility – LINFO.re

British and Danish specialists have indicated in a study that plastics, dioxins, paracetamol… are harmful to the quality of human sperm. Links between health and the environment The results of a study on the male fertility were published Thursday, June 9 in the journal Environment Internationaland reported by the newspaper The world.According to British and … Read more

10 things you should know to prepare your body for “female” IVF

“Kru Koi” Natcha Loychusak science teacher And the founder of the page to educate pregnant women for infertility. Baby and Mom Provides important information to prospective mothers who have difficulty having children naturally. and must go through the IVF process that in the IVF process infertile women Priority should be given to preparation before embryo … Read more

Health Network “Without “This Element”, Fewer Sperm and Infertility Doctor: Sunbathing Can Be Supplemented – Instant News – Free Health

The doctor pointed out that vitamin D can be supplemented by sun exposure, which can increase the number of sperm and reduce the chance of infertility; the picture is a situational photo. (Picture taken from freepik) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Vitamin D is an important element to maintain the body’s functioning. If the body lacks vitamin D, … Read more