5 reasons why chips will remain in short supply

Chip factory Customers order more than semiconductor manufacturers can deliver. (Foto: Bloomberg) Munich The consulting firm Alix Partners estimates that 3.9 million fewer cars will be built worldwide this year than planned due to a lack of semiconductors. Computer manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers and system builders are also desperately waiting for electronic components to be replenished. … Read more

Intel, Infineon, Globalfoundries: Saxony is hoping for billions in chips

Bosch semiconductor factory In June, the Swabian auto supplier opens its new chip factory in Dresden. (Photo: dpa) Munich In June the following will be celebrated in Dresden: Bosch opens its new semiconductor factory. It is the first greenfield chip factory in Europe for more than a decade. You may not have to wait so … Read more

Things are getting more turbulent on the stock market

Frankfurt The stock market is losing momentum. The bottom line was that made it the Dax In the past week, an increase of 1.7 percent to almost 15,400 points – but given the many positive company news, it could have been more. Many DAX companies increased their profits significantly in the first quarter and exceeded … Read more

Three stocks with the largest discount

Düsseldorf 10,000 points a year ago, 12,000 in November and now over 15,000 points in May: The leading German index Dax is way ahead of the real economy. It has also become expensive. Anyone who opts for a savings plan today and would like to invest in the shares of the 30 Dax companies pays … Read more

Dax closes at 15,400 points

Düsseldorf The German stock market is strengthened from an exciting week of trading. The Dax closed on Friday 1.3 percent higher at 15,400 points – and thus only just below the daily high. This puts the index in close contact with the record high, which is around 100 points away. In the past two trading … Read more

Dax climbs towards a record high – “The starting signal for a new gold rally has been fired”

Düsseldorf The German stock market continues to recover: quoted in the morning the Dax around 0.9 percent up and is traded at a level of 15,330 points. With the interim daily high of 15,357 points, the index was no longer far from the record high of 15,502 points. Nevertheless, investors should act cautiously on the … Read more