end of 16/32 bit compatibility for Intel X86 architecture: two questions

2023-05-23 07:30:00 While reading This articleI asked myself several questions. The first one : The transition to Full 64 bits would not prevent the use of 32 or 16 bit applications, but just that would be done in a different way, via virtualization for example, which today is a mature technology. This sentence makes me … Read more

Hackboard 2: launching an Intel x86 SBC with the Celeron N4020

2023-05-20 12:39:00 The Hackboard 2 is finally delivered, more than two years late. Despite this, Hackboard continues to market its single board computer (SBC) claiming that it offers “desktop power” in the size of a smartphone. For reference, the Hackboard 2 measures 120 x 80mm, making it shorter but wider than most smartphones. Hackboard adds … Read more

Zhang Zhongmou shared the key to TSMC’s success ahead of Intel and Samsung-Free Finance and Economics

2023-05-18 06:26:13 Zhang Zhongmou shared the key to TSMC’s success ahead of Intel and Samsung (taken from Beirong FB) [Reporter Hong Youfang/Hsinchu Report]Zhang Zhongmou, founder of TSMC (2330), the world’s leading wafer foundry, pointed out that innovation is TSMC’s unique business model. It continues to invest in research and development, and adheres to integrity, commitment, … Read more

Microsoft launches tool that analyzes memory problems for Windows

2023-05-12 15:39:51 Microsoft releases tool to analyze compatibility issues with memory integrity and GVCI. Check out all the details! A new tool for checking compatibility issues with Memory Integrity or Hypervisor Protected Code Integrity (HVCI) in Windows 10 and Windows 11 has been released by Microsoft. Called the “Memory integrity scan tool” (hvciscan), the virtualization-based … Read more

How Image Enhancement Technology in 3A Games Can Mask Poor Optimization – A Critical Look at The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

2023-04-28 07:04:50 As players’ minimum requirements for game fluency gradually change from 30fps, 60fps, and above 90fps, 3A games with rich image effects and huge content have to use technologies such as AMD FSR, Intel XeSS, or NVIDIA DLSS to improve the game frame rate, and the above-mentioned The three technologies have also lowered the … Read more