“He found peace”

A few days after his disappearance, Joran Steenwinckel, a young man of 25, was found dead, police said. This young resident of Hoegaarden had been missing since the night of January 18 to 19. Since then, intense research had taken place, without success. This Saturday, dozens of people had gathered again to carry out a … Read more

other rivers are added to the pre-flood alert phase in Wallonia! (menu)

The lower Ourthe, the Vesdre, the Amblève, the Our, the Senne, the Viroin, the Basse and Haute Lesse, the Haute Meuse downstream and upstream as well as their tributaries are thus added to the rivers in the phase of pre-flood alert. They join the Sûre, the Basse, Moyenne and Haute Semois, the Chiers, the Vierre … Read more

Ukraine confirms that it is responding to a very intense Russian attack in Solidar », the Iraqi News Agency

Follow – conscious Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Ghana Malyar confirmed Friday morning that Ukraine is currently responding to a “very intense” Russian attack in Solidar, despite a “hot night” in this small town in the east of the country. “The night was hot in Solidar and the hostilities are continuing,” Maliar said on Telegram. “The … Read more

A cardio program to lose weight with four intense exercises

Cardio work for weight loss, relatively intense, with jumps, and that we can do at home. That is what Adolfo Resnik presents to us in this video that he made for Clarion. “We seek to activate as many muscle groupscoordinated with each other, and in this way do complex exercises that involve efficiency when it … Read more

“I was subjected to severe bleeding.” The doctor, Angham, reveals the latest developments in her illness and the reason for her transfer to the hospital

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian doctor, Wael Ghafir, who is responsible for following up the condition of the artist Angham, revealed the details of the sudden health ailment that afflicted the Egyptian singer, and the developments of her health condition. “Ghafir” said, during a telephone conversation with the Egyptian journalist Rami Radwan, that Angham suffered at … Read more

A drunk Indian who suffered from severe pain in his stomach. When he went to the hospital, the doctors discovered the shocking surprise!

Exclusive translation A 22-year-old Indian medical team has rescued a drunken man, Ritesh Kumar, after he swallowed a hard cup in his stomach, according to the Daily Mail. The Indian man entered the hospital suffering from severe pain in his stomach with severe bleeding in his excretory system on October 4, and the length of … Read more