How Orlando Bravo plans to capitalize on a new era in tech companies

New York Orlando Bravo is hardly known in Germany, but the investor is a phenomenon in the USA. With his private equity firm Thoma Bravo, he specializes exclusively in software companies. Now he predicts a future “in which there will be many publicly traded software companies that are orphaned”. In this environment, Bravo senses its … Read more

Play with the trend to create the trend_Script_Culture_Network

Original title: Play with the trend to create a trend Mangei In 1995, China’s first Internet company was established. With the strong involvement of the Internet in our lives, academic circles also call people born between 1995 and 2009 the “Net Generation”, or “Generation Z”, “Internet Generation”, “Secondary Generation”, “Digital Media Indigenous” and so on. … Read more

Fighting inequality with upcycled art

Fighting inequality with upcycled art

Founder of Faircado Evolena de Wilde and Ali Nezamolmalek want to combine feminism, sustainability and war aid with a new campaign for International Women’s Day. (Photo: Mario Heller) Düsseldorf Climate protection and feminism are topics that have driven Evolena de Wilde since childhood. “I’ve always had this fire in me that I want to protect … Read more

Interview with Bruno Ricciotti: New York broker thinks Corona is over: “2022 will be wild”

Interview with Bruno Ricciotti: New York broker thinks Corona is over: “2022 will be wild”

View of New York Real estate prices are now higher than before the pandemic. (Photo: AP) New York Bruno Ricciotti is the founder and co-head of the real estate agency Bond New York, which specializes in medium and high-priced apartments. Founded in 2000, it is one of the largest real estate agencies in the city … Read more

Five unicorn founders invest in the software start-up

Munich The list of investors in the software company Remberg reads like a who’s who of the German start-up scene. After the latest round of financing, five founders of start-ups with a valuation in the billions belong to the group of investors, including Personio boss Hanno Renner and Celonis founder Bastian Nominacher. “It’s a reassuring … Read more

Digital job monitor: AI experts wanted

Darmstadt The corona pandemic has given a strong boost to the digitization of German companies. However, many high-tech investments have been shelved for the time being to do the neglected digital homework such as cloud computing and e-commerce. Now the focus seems to be turning more towards future topics. The demand for specialists in artificial … Read more