“Family Office Investment Strategies: The Rise of Alternative Investments in Uncertain Markets”

2023-05-08 13:52:04 Skyline Frankfurt With 41 percent of the family offices surveyed, the largest group manages between one and five billion US dollars. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Very stubborn inflation, the turnaround in interest rates on the capital markets, the continuing risk of recession in the major western economies: Various uncertainties on the markets are affecting … Read more

UBS buys Credit Suisse for CHF 2 billion

Zurich, Frankfurt The struggle for the future of Credit Suisse is over: UBS takes over the second largest Swiss bank. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is supporting the emergency merger with liquidity assistance amounting to CHF 100 billion, as the government, financial regulator and the two banks announced in a joint press conference. UBS pays … Read more

risk appetite – determine your risk appetite before starting investment journey

When investing in the stock market or any financial instrument, the first thing fund managers ask is your risk tolerance level. Based on that, it is decided whether the said investment is suitable for the investors or not. But, if the answer is based on the emotional aspect, then there may be something wrong with … Read more

Florida, Missouri and Louisiana siphon billions from BlackRock over ESG strategy

Blackrock The wealth manager is under pressure to focus more on ESG criteria. (Photo: Reuters) New York In the dispute over the ESG criteria of wealth managers, Florida has announced as another US state that it will withdraw funds from BlackRock. The chief financial officer responsible, Jimmy Patronis, justified the move on Thursday by saying … Read more

Financial diva names the best investments: This is how I would invest 5000 euros NOW | money

Inflation. Energy price explosion. wage stagnation. While EU salaries automatically increase with inflation, many people’s incomes cannot keep up with the exorbitant price explosion. Financial diva Katja Eckardt shows three ideas on how to make more out of 5000 euros! Careful. Risk-taking and speculative. Just read with BILDplus how you could increase your money NOW.

Frankfurt: 1.5 million euros: Customs confiscated emigrant gold treasure | Regional

Frankfurt – With the coal he could have let it rip in Thailand without interruption. Now the emigrant dream is gone: customs have confiscated his gold treasure. Value: 1.5 million euros! Reason: The man had evaded taxes on a large scale… also read The case: According to the main customs office in Frankfurt, the German, … Read more