3 fingers thunder! ‘Praiwan’ posted a remembrance of King Rama IX, saying he respects many people who look at the institution differently from the ego. don’t think to interfere

13 Oct. 21 – Phra Mahapraiwan Worawano, a social activist Posted on Facebook on the occasion of the death of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej … Read more

Dr. Sant pointed out not to wait for ‘Moderna’ to cope with opening the city ‘D-Day Open Battle’ Nov 1

Oct. 8, 21 – Special Lecturer, National Institute of Development Administration or NIDA “Dr. Sant Srianthamrong”, a long-time follower about COVID-19, posted a message on … Read more

promote! The Meteorological Department keeps an eye on the ‘new storm’ as cold air masses come crashing down. Expect rain to hit the upper Thailand 12-13 Oct.

5 Oct. 64 – Mr. Nattaphon Natthasomboon, Director-General of the Meteorological Department revealed that the Meteorological Department We are monitoring the potential for new storms. … Read more