Artist Rezky Aditya Policing Ustaz After a Viral Video Exciting

Jakarta – Artist Rezky Aditya reported to Polda Metro Jaya. Rezky Aditya reported sure video tail so-called similar to him scattered on the internet. The report is registered with Number LP/B/215/I/2023/SPKT POLDA METRO JAYA. RA was reported in connection with Article 27 Paragraph (1) Jo Article 45 Paragraph (1) RI Law No. 19 of 2016 … Read more

The Different Attitudes of Dewi Perssik’s Contempt: Formerly Scolding Now Praising

Jakarta – Winarsih, has now been named as a suspect in the insulting case Peach Goddess. Winarsih begs forgiveness. Winarsih’s apology was not only addressed to Dewi Perssik. On the occasion of mediation at the South Jakarta Police, Tuesday (29/11), Winarsih also asked for forgiveness from her mother. Peach Goddess until prostrating. Winrasih’s apology is … Read more

Winarsih, ITE Suspect, Sujud Begs Forgiveness at Mother Dewi Perssik’s Feet

Jakarta – The suspect in the case of alleged defamation of the sworddut Peach Goddess, Winarsih, again apologizing. This was conveyed by Winarsih to Dewi Perssik’s mother, Sri Muna, in front of the media crew. “Sorry I, Umi, sorry, Umi,” said Winarsih in a press conference at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Tuesday (29/11/2022). Winarsih … Read more

Ask for Sepuro, I’m Rude

Jakarta – Named woman Winarsih became a suspect in a case of alleged defamation against Dewi Perssik’s sword. Winarsih and her legal team came to the South Jakarta Metro Police to undergo questioning as a suspect. “We are here today at the summons of investigators. Incidentally, the call today is clear as a suspect,” said … Read more

Police Open Possibility of Restorative Justice in Baim Wong’s Prank Case

Jakarta – The police are investigating the case prank report domestic violence Baim Wong and his wife, Paula Verhoeven. Even so, the police have opened up the possibility that the Baim Wong case can be resolved privately restorative justice. “If there are other intentions whose criminal elements are not fulfilled, of course we can open … Read more

The sight of Lesti Kejora after experiencing domestic violence, the neck is attached with a support

Jakarta – Lesti Kejora hospitalized after experiencing suspicion of domestic violence from her husband, Rizky Billar. Lesti Kejora was injured as a result of the domestic violence. From the photos obtained, Lesti Kejora was seen lying in the hospital. His neck is braced. The photo was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of … Read more