The gold price in Saudi Arabia today, Thursday, January 19, 2023 .. 21 karat, at 201.80 riyals

price rose gold in Saudi Arabia Today, Thursday, January 19, 2023, coinciding with the sudden drop in gold prices in Egypt in the goldsmiths’ market. The gold price in Saudi Arabia today provide «the week» For its followers to know everything related to gold prices in Saudi Arabia as part of a continuous service it … Read more

Free Games: Epic Games Announces Next Free Game for January 2023 | PC | Download | Download | DEPOR-PLAY

The virtual store of Epic Games give away every week new video games to your entire community. During December of last year, the app delivered one title each day, while in January it returned to traditional posts. Right now, you can get three video games on the platform until January 19, when the rotation will … Read more