Sofia Vergara’s Souq Al-Balad Adventure: A Look at Her Visit to Jeddah

2023-12-02 07:34:00 International Colombian model Sofia Vergara documented her moment of wandering into the shops in Souq Al-Balad in Jeddah through video clips on her personal account. The video clip circulating showed her enjoying the traditional atmosphere, wandering around the shops, buying perfumes and various items, and eating her food in a restaurant. Read also:Inquiry … Read more

Revolutionizing Transportation in Jeddah: Introducing the Elaborate Water Taxi System to Ease Traffic Congestion

2023-10-06 18:00:45 An elaborate water taxi system is coming to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. For this, 20 water taxi stations will be established. The new project is a part of easing traffic congestion in the city. The water taxi system is being implemented in the context of increasing flow of visitors and tourists to Jeddah. The … Read more

New Road between Jeddah and Makkah: Enhancing Hajj and Umrah Transportation, Shorter Travel Time

2023-10-03 16:47:41 Riyadh: The construction work of the new road between Jeddah and Makkah has been completed. The General Authority for Roads has now started implementing the fourth and final phase of the project. The road starts from Hayy Al-Sushah Junction near Jeddah Airport and goes to the 4th Ring Road in Makkah. This direct … Read more

MediaOne’s Milestone: Celebrating 5 Million Subscribers on YouTube in Jeddah

2023-09-21 19:17:59 Jeddah: A celebration was organized in Jeddah to mark the achievement of 50 lakh subscribers on MediaOne YouTube. Members of the MediaOne Coordination Committee participated in the event and shared the joy by cutting the cake and distributing sweets. The event was held at the Imam Bukhari Institute Hall in Jeddah. Those who … Read more

Tragic Death of Industrialist and Social Worker in Jeddah: A Story of Loss and Philanthropy

2023-09-01 14:09:04 Jeddah – Mansoor (42), an industrialist and social worker who was being treated for an injury while taking a bath in a swimming pool in Jeddah, died at Padi Mahal, Malappuram Makaraparam, Kadungapuram village. Mansoor, who was brought home from Jeddah for specialist treatment, died while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Read Also: … Read more

Massive Drug Bust in Jeddah Port: Authorities Seize 22 Lakh Drug Pills Hidden Among Sweet Treats

2023-08-13 18:17:36 Jeddah: A massive drug bust in the port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority at Jeddah Port has seized around 22 lakh drug pills that were secretly smuggled among the sweet treats. Two people who came to receive these were taken into custody by the authorities. The drug smuggling … Read more

National Housing Company Launches 8,000 Affordable Villas in Jeddah’s Lakes Region – Expert Insight by Eng. Ahmed Al-Faqih

2023-06-09 21:07:15 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The real estate expert, Eng. Ahmed Al-Faqih, revealed, via a video clip, that the National Housing Company has launched a huge project for residential villas in Jeddah. Al-Faqih said: The National Housing Company will launch a huge project in the coming days, where 8 thousand villas will be offered in the … Read more

“Al-Ittihad Fans Surprise Portuguese Coach Nuno Santo: Watch the Heartwarming Moment”

2023-06-01 03:27:22 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip showed fans surprising the coach of the Portuguese Federation, Nuno Santo, while he was accompanied by his family in a street in Jeddah. And the video showed, the Al-Ittihad fans cheered and cheered for Santo, which was met by Nuno with a smile and peace upon them, as … Read more