Footballer stories | Alianza Lima: Jefferson Farfán sent the ma Leao Butrón, according to Gonzalo Núñez | SPORTS

In the midst of a debate about the controversy created between Alianza Lima and the Southern Command for the permanence of Jefferson Farfan in the team, the sports journalist, Gonzalo Núñez, reminded Leao Butrón that the ‘Foquita’ stopped talking to him. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED | Ricardo Gareca returns to Argentina with everything and takes … Read more

Jefferson Farfán says that it is difficult for him to climb stairs, but Magaly Medina remembers that he carried Jazmín Pinedo: “He forgets the injury” VIDEO FARANDULA | SHOWS

DOES IT PUT IT IN EVIDENCE? Magaly Medina commented on the Jefferson Farfan injury, who revealed that he has complications climbing the stairs. The ‘magpie’ recalled that the footballer was agile in the interview with Jasmine and even charged her. READ ALSO: Melissa threatened Cat with 20 years in prison by phone, according to Magaly … Read more

Stories of soccer players: Jefferson Farfán’s aunt revived incredible death threat to Juan ‘Chiquito’ Flores | Cuto’s Faith | SPORTS

THE BRAVEST OF THE FARFÁN. Carmen Rosa Farfanaunt of Jefferson Farfan, is the most respected cook in the ‘Devil’s Curve’. ‘La Chacala’ commands respect in her neighborhood of San Gabriel and this time she opened the doors of her kitchen to louis guadeloupe and told him how he gave the biggest scare of his life … Read more

Stories of soccer players: Jefferson Farfán and the day his phone kept his uncle from sleeping on the Peruvian national team | La Fe de Cuto | SPORTS

‘Cuto’ Guadalupe’ once again stepped on ‘La Curva del Diablo’, but this time with the cameras of ‘La Fe de Cuto’, in a special program with the Farfán dynasty. One of them, Rafael Farfán, known as ‘La Focaza’, had a special episode with his nephew Jefferson Farfán. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED | Cuto’s faith in … Read more

Peru vs Australia: Jefferson Farfán joined Ronaldinho and other soccer stars at an event in Panama | Sports

Less than three days left for the decisive match Peru vs. Australiawhich will define the penultimate quota for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. the Peruvian team is already in Doha preparing the final details for this important clash, other players who were not considered among the summoned have been enjoying the break. One of them … Read more

Jefferson Farfán: Cuto Guadalupe reveals the real reason for the ‘fight’ with the ‘Foquita’ VIDEO and asks him to face the situation |Alianza Lima | SPORTS

louis guadeloupe is taking all his faith until Qatarto accompany the peruvian national team at its most important moment, but before starting your route following the ‘white-red‘had an interesting talk with Jesus Alzamora to whom he revealed, as never before, the real reason for his estrangement from his nephew Jefferson Farfan. SEE ALSO: ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe: … Read more