Joelle Mardinian breaks her silence.. Did she separate from her husband?

2023-09-29 19:31:15 After an absence for days, Lebanese beauty expert Joelle Mardinian returned to her usual activity on her Instagram account. News had spread about her divorce from her husband, Kamal Kaddoura, because he cheated on her with a blonde woman on a yacht in Saint-Tropez. This news began to spread after “Jewel” posted a … Read more

26 years after her election .. Watch how the former Miss Lebanon, Joelle Bahlaq, became (photos)

2023-07-02 06:00:18 Former Miss Lebanon, Joelle Belhaq, published a video via the “Al-Story” feature on her Instagram account. Joel appeared while celebrating her wedding anniversary, accompanied by her husband, businessman Adel Nader. Joel shone in a tight red dress, and followers pointed out that she had not changed, despite the passage of 26 years since … Read more

Nataniel Sánchez reveals that he does not have a stable job in Spain: “I have to knock on doors” | At the bottom there is room | America TV | Peruvian TV | Videos | show business

Nataniel Sánchez seeks to grow professionally in Spain. Photo: composition LR/YouTube/Instagram/Nataniel Sánchez Nathaniel Sanchez He gave an exclusive interview for “Estás en todas”, in which he talked about his new life in Spain, as well as the plans he has in mind to continue growing artistically. The well-remembered actress from “Al fondo hay sitio” caused … Read more

“He worked at night to keep his business open, this second job was fatal to him…”

A collision between a Tongeren man and a van occurred on Overhaem Avenue on Friday morning around 7.45 a.m. Local police in the Tongeren-Herstappe area closed the area. The Limburg public prosecutor’s office has been informed. The latter decided to send a traffic expert to Tongeren to investigate the circumstances of the collision. of videos … Read more

Neal explained that the opening of “TLOU” manipulated Sarah’s daughter’s perspective to have a more doomsday sense DayDayNews

2023-01-19 16:24 source: vagrant sky Original title: Neil explained the opening of “TLOU” to manipulate Sarah’s daughter’s perspective to have a sense of doom Neal explained that the opening of “TLOU” manipulated Sarah’s daughter’s perspective to have a sense of doom Today (January 19), according to Thegamer news, “The Last of Us” director Neil Druckmann … Read more

“The Last of Us” on HBO Max: how many episodes does the series have and when does each one premiere | SKIP-INTRO

Television has ways of closing cycles and starting new ones. Just a few weeks after the end of “The Walking Dead”, a zombie series that for years dragged its plots aimlessly on the AMC and Star+ channels, HBO launched its own commitment to the genre of horror creatures. But describing “The Last of Us” only … Read more