Sleeping Resident in Ciney Robbed: Shocking Break-In Story and Security Tips

2023-09-28 14:30:00 Johnny Hercot, a resident of rue du Center in Ciney, can’t believe it: he was robbed while he was sound asleep. of videos “During the night from Monday to Tuesday, thieves entered our house. I was there with my two children. I didn’t hear anything when they were there. On the other hand, … Read more

Belgian SOLAR: Delayed Installations and Risks of Losing Money – What You Need to Know

2023-07-17 17:30:00 Investing in photovoltaics sounds like a good idea. Given the rising energy prices since the various successive crises, many Belgians have decided to install them, creating at the same time a boom in installations in private homes. The catch is that companies accept new customers who sometimes have to wait months for the … Read more

Johnny Depp’s teeth raise questions after his appearance on the red carpet…

2023-05-21 18:24:36 the date 5/21/2023 2:24:36 PM (MENAFN- Youm7) The appearance of world actor Johnny Depp at the Cannes Film Festival sparked a major discussion point for fans, as the Pirates Of The Caribbean series hero returned to the spotlight again on the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie Jeanne du Barry, … Read more

Laeticia Hallyday reacts for the first time exclusively, “what Joy has been through is intolerable, it’s my role to protect her” (video)

16 years ago, Johnny went to seek a little “anonymity” with his family, in Los Angeles. “It was the freedom to be unknown. It made it possible to protect our children from all this media court, sometimes atrocious to live, from the judgment of each other, “says Laeticia. Who, today, must step up to protect … Read more

“Amber Heard” is compelled to settle the defamation case against “Johnny Depp”, but reiterates that he is not guilty.

A former lover who used to cast a spell of sweetness become a villain between “Johnny Depp” (John Depp) The talented actor who played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and “Amber Heard” the heroine of the movie Aquaman after the couple got divorced before “Johnny Depp” will sue on charges defame As a … Read more

in Brussels, a monumental exhibition for the rocker

Johnny Hallyday embodies excess. The exhibition dedicated to him in Brussels five years after his death and which will be presented in Paris in January 2024 reflects the spectacular charisma of the favorite rocker of the French. In an exhibition space in the shape of a guitar of nearly 3,000 square meters, it took two … Read more