Investor appetite grows for responsible and sustainable portfolios

In the responsables Responsible Investments for a Sustainable Future ’forum, the advantages of portfolios with sustainability variables were discussed Laura Vita Mesa – [email protected] In … Read more

The price of the dollar increased to $ 3,746 due to the highest drop in oil since May

Brent futures, benchmark for the Colombian market, lose 6.93%, at US $ 38.84 a barrel; and the WTI yields 7.37%, at US $ 36.68 a … Read more

Confectionery El Astor announced the definitive closure of two of its stores in Medellín

The company, which this year celebrates 90 years of existence, enabled a virtual store to dispatch orders at home in the city Laura Lucía Becerra … Read more

Banks with more government resources to subsidize payroll payments

The Government has turned over $ 268,786 million for these aid intermediated by banks, of the $ 2 billion that it will give per month … Read more

Dollar fell to $ 3,564 due to drop in oil prices due to expectations of OPEC meeting

Tomorrow, Saturday, the organization will hold its meeting and future production cuts are expected. Brent exceeds US $ 40 This Friday, the dollar It registered … Read more

The Falabella company jumps into the pool with placement of a US $ 260 million bond

The firm issued debt in the local market in two series in an operation that demonstrated “market appetite” Diario Financiero – Santiago In the midst … Read more

The dollar fell to $ 3,651 due to the continuation of protests in the United States. and the rise in oil

The barrel of Brent crude, benchmark for the Colombian market, is close to US $ 40, its highest price in the last three months This … Read more

Mexicana Televisa to launch mobile phone service, challenging Carlos Slim

Televisa follows in the footsteps of American cable companies such as Comcast Corp and Charter Communications Inc Mexican broadcaster Televisa said Sunday it will begin … Read more