How expensive is it to heat a house with gas?

High gas consumption The refurbishment rate for building envelopes has stagnated at less than one percent for years. (Foto: IMAGO/Future Image) Düsseldorf Heating with gas is becoming expensive – the Research Institute for Thermal Insulation Munich (FIW) has now determined exactly how expensive in a study. Accordingly, residents of low-energy, uninsulated houses have to adjust to … Read more

Uniper writes off Nord Stream 2 and stops new investments in Russia

Düsseldorf Uniper hesitated longer than other members of the industry – now the Düsseldorf-based energy company is also drawing tangible consequences from the Ukraine war. Uniper will not make any new investments in Russia, the company announced on Monday evening. Uniper does not intend to transfer any further funds to the Russian power plant subsidiary … Read more

New refurbishment regulations are putting real estate owners under pressure

A detached house near Berlin Poorly insulated buildings and apartments in the EU are threatened with renovation – with far-reaching consequences. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt It is no secret in the real estate industry that people in Brussels and Berlin are paying more attention to climate protection. But many private property owners underestimate the issue, experts … Read more

This applies to tenants and owners

New build apartments in Cologne These buildings were still funded under the KfW program for efficiency houses KfW-55. In the future, a resource passport is to become an important part of the funding for energy-efficient houses. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt It’s a document that virtually every homeowner and renter is familiar with. Anyone who has bought … Read more

The KfW funding freeze was just the beginning – that’s the subsidy cross-off list of the traffic light

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Joachim Nagel is to become the new President of the Bundesbank

His withdrawal came as a surprise, but now his successor has already been found: the outgoing Bundesbank boss Jens Weidmann is to be inherited by Joachim Nagel. According to the “Handelsblatt”, the economist Joachim Nagel Jens Weidmann replace at the head of the Bundesbank. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) suggested the 55-year-old Nagel for this post, … Read more